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Spice Up Your Kitchen Routine

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Does it happen to you?

The lack of cooking inspiration

Cooking With

The new way!

Are you feeling stuck in your cooking routine, preparing the same meals week after week? It's a monotony of flavors and the lack of inspiration can be overwhelming.

As the weeks starts over again, the predictability sets in. Your family anticipates the recurring pasta, the familiar beef dish, the same salads... Even your desserts fail to bring joy.

Uncover excitement in every meal! Embrace fresh ideas daily! Rediscover the joy of cooking with new recipes. Break free from the routine and reignite your passion for cooking!

The benefits you get with

When you start your new cooking journey with our extensive cooking recipes database your meals change for ever.

Tailored Cooking Ideas

After entering your ingredients and your culinary and dietary preferences, our platform will provide you with exciting new dishes, customized to your preferences. Make your family and friends fill welcome at your home's table again!

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Discover new cuisine and flavors

Want to explore mediterranean, assiatic, central European dishes or discover new tastes? The choices are endless and some few clicks away.

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Revitalize Leftovers

Would you like to revitalize your leftovers and reduce food waste? Discover creative ways to transform leftovers into culinary delights. Give every dish a second chance full of flavor!

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Unveal all the power of our world collection of recipes and change your kitchen for good!

  • Dish-Specific Recipes:
    access detailed recipes by entering the dish name.
  • Ingredient-Based Recipes:
    Enter your ingredients for personalized recipes tailored to your pantry and fridge.
  • Leftover Transformation Tool: Input leftovers and get creative ideas for transforming them into new meals.
  • Expertise Selector:
    choose your skill Level to tailor recipes to your cooking proficiency: beginner to expert.
  • Creativity level:
    Adjust the degree of regularity or innovation for your cooking ideas.
  • Taste and dietary restrictions customization:
    tailor your recipes based on your flavor or cuisine preferences or dietary restrictions for a personalized touch

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs to find answers and discover more about tools.

Absolutely! We offer a free trial so you can experience our online tools firsthand and discover how they can elevate your culinary journey. With our confident assurance, we believe you'll find them invaluable.
Additionally, you have the option to explore the latest searches made by fellow users. This not only helps you learn how to utilize our search tools more effectively but also provides inspiration for your own searches and unveils trending topics within our community.

Yes. You can enter as many ingredients (or leftovers) as you want, as per the character limit of the input box. Please note, that the more ingredients you enter the number of possible results for your search decreases; it might happen our system would not be able to find an answer for your request. Enter your input with discretion. Reducing the number of ingredients means there would be more options available for your search. Your searches will improve as you gain experience interacting with our systems.

Fine-tune selections such as cuisine preferences (e.g., mediterranean, Latin American, Eastern European, Southeast Asianassiatic, Vietnamese, French, Mexican, … you only need to name it), the kind of flavours you are longing for (e.g, spicy, simple, complex, sweet & tangy, smoky, bitter-sweet …), or any dietary preferences or restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, low carb, Halal, Kosher, Anti-Inflammatory …), can be set-up by entering them in the proper input box. There are plenty of new flavor experiences awaiting you some clicks away.

Creativity and expertise levels are two independent parameters in our online interactive tool, but they work in a similar way and, although independent, share some considerations.
Expertise level will define the complexity of the results in terms of difficulty. While creativity level will define the degree of predictability of the recipe or suggestions.
The same dish can be predictable (and you will have a result close to the classic version of it) or imaginative (in which case it will have some twists which will make it unique, for cooks prone to accept risks). You can have a simple dish (low difficulty) with high level of imagination (that is, with innovative features, far from the safe, classic, traditional version).
Although both parameters are independent, you would be expected a higher degree of expertise if you look for high-creativity results.

Yes, your last recipes/ideas will be listed on your personal page for future reference. You can also copy the recipe to your computer's (or tablets, cellphone's) clipboard, to paste it to an email, word-processor document, etc. You can also share your recipe's link with friends by copying and pasting the link into an email, MSM, etc.

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